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Squidd Digital Breathes New Life into MoneyPlus with a Cutting-Edge Debt Management Portal

When MoneyPlus approached us with their vision of a more interactive and customer-centric online platform, we knew we had an exciting challenge on our hands. The goal was not just to build an ordinary portal, but to design an experience that would resonate with MoneyPlus customers and enhance their journey. And today, we’re thrilled to pull back the curtains on this state-of-the-art Debt Management customer portal we crafted for MoneyPlus using Laravel.

Why Laravel?

To kickstart this endeavor, we chose Laravel as our backbone. It’s not just because of its popularity, but because of its robustness and adaptability. Laravel offers a secure, scalable, and efficient framework that allowed us to create a platform tailored specifically to MoneyPlus’s needs.

A Dive into the Features

1. Plan Overview: Customers can now get a bird’s eye view of their debt management plan. With interactive graphs and comprehensive breakdowns, users can understand where they stand, and the road ahead.

2. Secure Messaging: Communication is pivotal in debt management. We’ve integrated a seamless messaging system allowing customers to connect with MoneyPlus representatives directly from the portal, ensuring that assistance is just a click away.

3. Document Management: No more juggling papers! Users can easily view, download, and read all necessary documents, from agreements to monthly statements, in one centralized location.

4. Quick Links to Additional Services: We’ve added a section dedicated to MoneyPlus’s other offerings, so customers can easily navigate and utilize all the services available to them.

Performance Beyond Expectations

It’s one thing to build a feature-rich portal, but another to ensure it’s responsive and fast. Our development team prioritized optimizing the site’s speed, making certain that users experience minimal load times and a smooth interface, regardless of the device they’re using.

A Game-Changer for MoneyPlus

The impact? Since its launch, MoneyPlus has witnessed a significant uptake in the number of customers opting for online interactions. This not only underscores the importance of a robust digital platform in today’s age, but also speaks volumes about the user-friendly and intuitive design of the portal.


At Squidd Digital, we’re not just about crafting websites; we’re about building experiences. The MoneyPlus portal is a testament to our dedication to delivering solutions that not only meet, but exceed client expectations. If you’re looking to revolutionize your digital footprint, we’re just a message away.